Laser Weight Loss Treatment

 If you're annoyed by the resistance of bound body areas to diet and exercise, help is at hand. Citispa's 3-Step Figure Transform aims to help you lose your flabby bits.

 If you're frustrated by the resistance of sure body areas to diet and exercise, facilitate is at hand. Citispa's 3-Step Figure Transform aims to assist you get rid of your flabby bits. I met their promoting director, Lynn Ang, who could very somewhat be their spokesperson. Tall and slim like a model, she walked me through the treatment method, explaining intimately how cellulite is created and how their treatments can get rid of the dreaded "lumpiness". She additionally showed me the reports of a number of their customers and the results were nothing wanting amazing - one girl lost a total of ten kg after ten sessions!

I started the treatment with a 20 minute session during a steam bathtub, that is largely a spacious shower stall with designed-in seats. If you're claustrophobic, you'll use a sauna or a heated blanket. Once sweating it out in 35 degrees heat, a cooling gel and pads were applied to my "downside" areas and ultrasound energy is used to interrupt down fats from my body for 10 minutes. Then, it absolutely was the steam bath once more for another twenty minutes. The last treatment involved a thirty five minute deep massage using a hand-held contraption. The intermittent rolling and suction of this machine can help dispose of cellulite and unsightly bulges. I noticed that the areas of my body with the most cellulite (particularly my upper thighs) felt slightly sore throughout the massage. Different than that, I found the massage to be quite enjoyable and even dozed off at some point.

Citispa's three-Step Figure Transform is a heat primarily based treatment that uses steam baths and hi-tech machines to increase metabolism and promote calorie-burning. I was initial weighed and an in depth computerised Body Composition Analysis done to show how abundant fats I would like to burn. Measurements were also taken therefore that we will compare the results at the top of the treatment.

After the treatment, I was taken to the measuring space where my Body Composition Analysis and measurements were taken once more. I had lost two p.c body fat, was zero.4kg lighter and had lost a total of thirteen.5cm all round my body!


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